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My name is Ozzie Freedom from California. I am the webmaster and manager of Classics Re-Invented.

This website has been set up in order to provide you people with the opportunity to give gifts of real value to your beloved family and friends.

I know how hard it is to find a gift that is unique and highly appreciated. Today's gifts have too much of the materialistic stuff: food-clothes-machines, too little culture, too little true joy for the inside.

Therefore our gifts are all aimed at one purpose: to educate the mind and warm the heart. And since I belong to a generation raised on classic books, I know how valuable these culture pieces are. I decided to enable you to give gifts you believe in. And to package them in a way that will appeal to the young generation, and will convince them to sit down, read and enjoy-- what TV and video games have taken away from them.

You can make them happier and wiser with these unforgettable gifts.

I have a personal request from you: please write to me about how your family and friends responded to these gifts. I love to read and collect these stories. It warms my heart when someone has enjoyed my hard work, and it sure keeps me going.

Much Love,
Ozzie Freedom

Is THIS The Most Unique Gift Shop??
Here's My sincere Opinion:

I have searched the Internet long and wide, but could not find any gift shop remotely like ours.

I just wanted to learn the competition, see what they are up to.

But there was none.

For one thing, it's hard enough to find a source of 1000 all-time CLASSICS. Maybe one or two - Alice In Wonderland is used by a few book vendors. But it's never personalized like ours! If you haven't seen ours yet, click here. For boys we offer Aladdin and the Magic Lamp personalized with their name, just like in Alice. You find it NOWHERE around.

Then, it's almost impossible to find them as e-books. Printed books leave all those computer-oriented kids and teens out of real book reading.

On top of all that - try to find a service that will personalize any of these classics with Your Own Words Of Love! See sample here

I wish there was more competition! Really. Because then, this great gift idea would be widely known to you and to the public in general.

So, in summary, the combination of GREAT CLASSICS + PERSONALIZATION + STYLISH e-BOOKS (to attract the young), is very unique indeed.

Use our Gift Shop and enjoy this powerful combination. It makes your gift remarkably unforgettable at a very affordable price.

Have Fun,
Ozzie Freedom


How to contact me:

1. Email me at

2. Phone me at (206) 33-YES-88


Our Privacy Policy is simple:

We are a family-owned business that will not do to you, what we don't want done to us. Therefore we never do any "monkey business" with your private information. We will never reveal your name, your email or address, your buying habits or anything else about you - to any person or company.

We do NOT track your surfing and do NOT put any "cookies" or similar tracking stuff into your computer. We just don't like it done to us. If you feel about it like we do, please insist that your congressman and commercial companies endorse this policy as national policy.

Thank You.


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