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KIDS DON'T READ, because...
The true joy of book reading is lost--to TV, DVD, game machines...

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 We have RE-INVENTED the Classic Book!!!

Those classical gems we used to love reading - like The Wizard of Oz and Peter Pan - newly packaged as eBooks with color, music and a stylish look and "feel". They enable the young ones to be attracted and re-discover the real fun of book reading!

Our Great Classics eBooks are nothing but pure diamonds. They are very VALUABLE gifts that are both Educational and Entertaining. But don't just give a gift - give a PERSONALIZED GIFT - because your kid will appreciate its value, REMEMBER IT and thank you for life!

But that's not all! You have three recommended FREE options:

  1. FULL-TEXT PERSONALIZATION: Your kid is the STAR, the HERO in the story! See sample: Chapter 1 from Mark Twain's greatest book "Tom Sawyer" and another sample: Chapter 1 from "Alice in Wonderland"

  2. YOUR MESSAGE: We'll insert Your Words Of Love into a self-run CD, together with the classic book of your choice. Such a high-value gift eBook makes it truly UNFORGETTABLE. It's far more effective, appreciated and remembered than a paper card. see example

  3. THE KID'S PHOTO: We'll insert your kid's photo into this classic book, free of charge. see example

Your Words
Kid's Photo Kid's Name
To Stacey for your 9th Birthday: May you have all the Love, Joy and Happiness Stacey

into a Great Classic
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into a High-Quality CD
Click to select a personalized UNFORGETTABLE Gift

Click to select a personalized UNFORGETTABLE Gift

See Sample

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Why should you order a classic book gift here? Here are a few great reasons you may consider before ordering:

Famous classic books on self-run CDs (automatically opens the book when inserted in CD drive) - wonderful high-value gifts for excellent prices.
Both Educational and Entertaining.
New look and "feel" - helps the young to re-discover the joy of book reading.
Fully Personalized eBooks are very unique and original gifts: see sample
Make your gifts unforgettable by adding your Words Of Love right into the gift. See & Hear
Free Bonuses with every gift: games, music, video clips, useful software and surprizes (new collection 2004) and above all two FREE ebooks from the "Wizard Of Oz" series.
These eBook Gifts are produced with love and care by our family team, using the highest quality of materials and special error-free recording equipment

See what GREAT BENEFITS we have for you , the gift giver :

"CCNow worked well when buying from an art dealer who happened to be a CCNow client. As soon as CCNow processed the transaction, the seller mailed the poster."

New York Times
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  1. YOUR SECURITY: Our authorized online retailer is THE safest company there is:
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  2. These books are electronic books or "eBooks" readable on any computer with a CD-ROM drive and Windows 95/98/2000/XP or better. Nothing else needed.
    No software installations, no hassle.
    Your loved one will be one touch away from pure delight: just insert the disk into the drive, the book opens up!
  3. You will get only the best quality products see picture. Not only are they of highest quality of materials and manufacturing, ensuring the gift's recipient many years of enjoyment, our CDs are also recorded with special technology that eliminates any possibility of computer error from the final product.
  4. VIRUS SAFETY for your Gift recipient: Every eBook sent away is first checked by our powerful ANTI-VIRUS system, which is constantly updated online.
  5. We ship internationally, so you can always benefit from these wonderful gifts and bonuses, no matter where you are in the world. Shipment & Terms of Service
  6. Personalizing a classic eBook gift gives a tremendous ADDED VALUE to your gift. Recommendations and how-to's are provided in our PERSONALIZATION GUIDE page.
  7. Enjoy this great opportunity to express your love to any one at any age, anywhere in the world.
  8. There is nothing like these offers on the Internet today!

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